My name is Janet McCormick Janeck. I am the owner of "Same As It Never Was" by Romantique Boutique Paint LLC and a certified retailer of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in the Erie, PA area.

I developed an interest in Chalk Paint® as I acquired usable furniture that was in need of an "updated look."  I soon learned that Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan was the perfect product for this purpose, as it usually requires no sanding or priming, dries in about a half hour and produces a durable finish.   Chalk Paint® is available in thirty-two colors which can be easily mixed, creating an endless array of custom colors.

Please visit our Erie, PA store on West Lake Road where you will see many Chalk Paint® applications and can learn more about the myriad of colors and painting techniques.  Also, please "like" us on Facebook.

Thanks for the web visit!  I hope to see you soon.